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What are the advantages of webcam?

Dec 09, 2019

What are the advantages of webcam?

The main advantages of webcam are:

Cost savings: up to now, common network image solutions usually require complex systems, involving PC, additional software and hardware, workstations, and sometimes video cable systems. However, the network camera system often does not need some unnecessary equipment and installation investment. The system can be directly connected through the network to achieve remote monitoring, which saves closed-circuit television, greatly reduces the cost of wire rod and manpower, and reduces the cost.

Plug and play: the webcam has all the components needed to build a remote monitoring system. Built in web server function, only need to access Ethernet, assign an address, you can directly realize remote monitoring through the network, and use the browser to observe the remote transmitted images at any time.

High performance of the system: the system picture setting is flexible, and the size, resolution and monitoring location of the picture can be set according to different applications and user preferences, so as to achieve the purpose of multi-point network control. When an alarm is triggered, it can automatically store the active images in a certain period of time before and after the alarm. It has many functions.

Easy to use in the network: Based on the global industry standards, the webcam can be seamlessly connected with various types of Ethernet devices. In a sense, webcam is a standard network device. However, in today's global single network, network equipment is easy to use and cheap, which will be the characteristics of network cameras.