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What Alarm System is the Best

Jan 21, 2019

What Alarm System is the Best

Nowadays, more and more kinds of alarm systems from different suppliers are sold in worldwide. Alarm system, as you know, is meant to be a guard of your house. But among different alarm systems, what alarm system is the best?

First of all, let's come to the basic features.

  1. AC power report (failure/cut off or reactivated)

  2. low power report (in case of a failed zone)

  3. false alarm rate (quite an anoying thing)

  4. with camera (to recheck the alarming zone)

  5. anti-jamming (to fight against intentional jamming)

Here we would like to introduce you HY-W7 wifi gsm alarm system and SGW01 wifi gsm alarm system with two-way transmission technology & frequency hopping. With multifunctions and high performance, they will be a strong guard for your home.