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What Alarm System for The Home

Sep 17, 2018

What Alarm System for The Home

Family security has always advocated the combination of people defense techniques and material defense to carry out security. This works best, but technical protection is not yet widespread in the average household. It is difficult to achieve a good effect by relying on human and material defense, especially when encountering a thief with skilled technical skills. So far, the best way to deal with thieves is to install an alarm.

With the development of economy, people's life is improving day by day, people pay more and more attention to the safety of family life and property, and take many measures to protect the safety of family. Sound and light alarm is developed according to the application characteristics of home. With the development of society and technology, wireless alarm products are used more and more widely.

Sound and light alarms are usually set at the front of the alarm, and you can often see it in the door and window of your home. Sound and light alarm has its advantages in alarm, namely timely and intuitive alarm, can be the first time warning, to scare the intruder. Let the owner feel alarm information very directly.

However, the acousto-optic alarm also has its disadvantages, that is, high false alarm rate and large limitation of information transmission. Let's start with its false alarm rate. When sound and light alarms are placed on Windows and doors, it can be misreported by thunder, car noises, and other minor noises.

On the alarm message transmission, the audible and visible alarm is simply audible and visible. When the host is not at home, it is difficult to convey the message to the host. A burglar alarm is likely to be damaged by criminals if the security guard is unable to check it in time. Therefore, the sound and light alarm application of the short board is still many.

Heyi security has been studying the security field for many years. Aiming at the shortboard of the sound-light alarm, it adopted the solution of remote APP control, combined with mobile monitoring and linkage alarm mode, and created a new sound-light anti-theft alarm system. In particular, it can be seen frequently on the phone, and can be used with the video monitoring system, so that users can easily manage the home security system even if they are not at home.

Before the thief could get out, the wireless sound-light alarm went off

Recently, a weibo user posted a joke: "is it the location of my house too good? Here comes the thief again! Damn! Now nobody dares to sleep!" Then she added: "who can be called three times a month? Thanks to my home installed burglar alarm!

The reporter contacted zhang, who lives near the intersection of daobei no. 3 road and jianhua road. At about 2 o 'clock on the 11th, Ms. Zhang's child was a little ill. She was busy looking after the child. Suddenly, she heard a burglar alarm on the window. She looked up and a man had pulled open her window screen and was looking in. Before she could see his face, the man turned and fled.

Learning the lesson, the home installed sound and light alarm

Ms zhang said the installation of a wireless sound-light alarm at home was a lesson learned. One night last march, while the family was sleeping, burglars sneaked her window open and hooked the purse containing more than 800 yuan in cash with something like a fishing rod.

To guard against theft, Ms. Zhang spent less than a few hundred yuan on the Internet to buy a set of anti-theft alarm equipment (sound and light alarm, alarm host, door and window magnetic detector), installed in the Windows of her home and other places, the results really came in handy. "The burglar alarm I bought was automatic and it would go off whenever someone opened a window." "Ms. Zhang said.

The sound and light alarm KR - J3 can cooperate alarm host and other sensors used at the same time, when it receives the other sensor alarm signal, will immediately send out up to 110 decibels (within the scope of 5 meters) the alarm sound, at the same time will be like gumball flashing warning light, strong shock invaders, luxury, turned off the intruder. As its slogan goes: I will not stop until I scare you away.

As the alarm and monitoring equipment enter the home, it is a good design idea to build a smart home center by using anti-theft alarm and monitoring platform. When choosing "guarantee" for yourself, you should not forget to choose a wireless sound-light alarm that suits you. Only in this way can you enjoy the convenience brought to us by technological development.