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Warehouse Security Guard

Sep 28, 2018

Warehouse Security Guard

The solution of leakage and flooding in warehouse security

Who is responsible for the leakage of the warehouse? Failure to make a water leakage alarm has serious consequences. In recent years, due to the economic loss caused by leakage accidents, disputes have been frequently reported in warehouses, which also reflects that many leakage prevention measures of warehouses are not enough. The warehouse is the place for storage, and the goods are the assets. The main task of the warehouse management is to protect the goods in the warehouse.

Leakage is one of the biggest threats to warehouse security. In the warehouse, the ceiling, air conditioning, fire pipes and so on all have the potential leakage, and the summer storm weather has increased the probability of leakage accident. Therefore, it is very important and necessary to install leakage alarm equipment in the warehouse.

HEYI security leak alarm system is designed specifically for warehouse such an important place, leakage alarm system able to warehouses are all leaking water for real-time monitoring, detection area through pre-installed leakage alarm, water level sensors, in the event of leakage, immediately report to the police notice in warehouse personnel to deal with.

Large warehouse can choose to locate the leakage alarm system, which can indicate the specific location of leakage while quickly detecting, quickly find the leakage point, and timely deal with it, so as to avoid major losses.