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Visual alarm system

Apr 10, 2017

Alarm system  is developing quickly.From the traditional "anti" to the network, and then combined with video surveillance, realized intelligent and visualization 

Visual networking alarm system works with a variety of powerful detectors and surveillance cameras to realize real-time monitor. In recent years, with the development of  technology, intelligent video analysis technology begin to use in the alarm system

Intelligent video alarm system is mainly composed of  the alarm equipment and video surveillance equipment. The system center is mainly composed of  the platform server and monitoring client . Intelligent video alarm system is more powerful in the function, provide real-time monitor business to prevent false alarm;with alarm linkage functions, such as motion detection alarm, abnormal device dropped alarm, linkage capture, linkage video, etc .; support remote operate by phone, Can monitor the video through the mobile phone, receive SMS alarm information, etc .; through the monitoring client, when the alarm event occurs, can accurately determine the corresponding alarm location; with massive storage capacity, easy to check.