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Traditional Security VS Cloud Security

Oct 30, 2018

Traditional Security VS Cloud Security

With the arrival of winter, the weather is becoming more and more dry, coupled with the temperature gradually become low, people are habitual long time to close the doors and Windows, greatly increased the season caused by carbon monoxide poisoning events and fire, the most serious is to the north, in this era of science and technology, many families in order to avoid such accidents, have purchased gas detectors, smoke detectors, wireless surveillance cameras, smart security equipment such as doors and Windows alarm, composed of a set of intelligent security system, a full range of home security. Why are more and more households now using smart security systems? What's the difference between traditional security products and intelligent security products?

Firstly, the traditional security products have poor anti-theft performance and narrow prevention range, mainly including anti-theft door, anti-theft net and mechanical lock. These traditional security products are just "headache medicine head, foot pain medicine foot", after being opened by the illegal elements, the most is to improve the traditional security product level.

And intelligent security systems involving safety range is very wide, super anti-theft performance of the big family personal property security, according to the professional security expert introduction, from regional division, the mark for the place such as door, window, partition wall in the home security equipment including the prevent strangers from entering the, convenient your travel intelligent fingerprint lock, prevent the doors and Windows was pried open the doors and Windows of magnetic, used to monitor the space to the human body infrared detectors, regional security and surveillance cameras, from life, The gas, water and electricity in the home security devices used to avoid casualties caused by fire smoke detectors, avoid the toxic gas such as gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas leaking combustible gas detectors, avoid leaking hole probe, and intelligent control of home appliance socket, compared to the traditional security products, intelligent security products between each other mutual harmony, from the previous door, door, window breaking against the window into the whole family decorate "chess" security, including prevention, stealing, chasing, and other functions, namely find danger, warning, tracking risk factors, so as to realize the comprehensive prevention and control of 24 hours without break.

Secondly, from passivity to initiative, traditional security products can only kill people when they find potential safety hazards, and cannot take the initiative to fight back. The smart security system is just the opposite of the traditional security products. When there is an alert, the smart security system will immediately detect it and take measures to avoid loss.

Anti-theft, for example, the traditional anti-theft products generally improve the doors and Windows forcible entry level to guard against theft, criminals want to enter, the traditional anti-theft products at most is also act as the role of a delay time, because of the traditional security products on the market time is very long, criminals and early knew all about the working principle of these products, the second open mechanical lock, easily cut open, the news video a dime a dozen, while the use of intelligent security system, when there is a case of, intelligent security system, the host will immediately push information and make a phone call to the owner, at the same time, the scene of the alarm makes a loud voice, the owner, after receipt of the industry, You can immediately open the mobile phone APP monitoring camera to check the situation in your home. If you see a thief, the owner can also shout at the thief from afar to scare the thief away. You can also notify the security of your community to deal with the police situation in a timely manner to avoid theft and robbery in your home.

Before, due to the smart home security system is the need for wiring, and expensive, only a small villa style house will install smart home security systems, enjoy intelligent life, from technology, as the emergence of wireless intelligent security systems, whether repair or not repair the houses don't have to worry about the problem of wiring, save the trouble of wiring, and save the cost of wiring, now intelligent security system is not only stable performance, and the price is moderate, a set of about 100 square house only need three thousand yuan or so, in the development of the Internet of things and the price under the impetus of the populist, whether domestic, and abroad are welcomed the outbreak of the period, 2016-2017 will be a high-speed development period for the intelligent security industry, and data show that the total output value of the domestic security industry is expected to reach 500 billion yuan by 2018. Obviously, with the strong support of various national policies, domestic security enterprises have ushered in new opportunities.