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Top rated security systems for homes

Sep 21, 2017

H7 Alarm System is top rated security systems for personal houses security, working office’s security and factory’s security with fashionable appearance and multi-functions.

 Capacitive touch buttons, fashionable design, long service life without any mechanical


 Dot-matrix LCD, Chinese/English image-text display, creative operation alarm


      ◆ Support child-lock. Avoid wrong operation by child.

Designed by class codes, a set of program code, a set of user code, a set of duress


 Built-in industrial quad band GSM module, globally applicable, can send alarm

notification via voice calling and SMS.

      ◆ Support 32 wireless zones and 4 wired zones. 

      ◆ compatible Contact ID Protocol.compatible Contact ID Protocol.

 Support door open/closed notification, in case of arming failure with door or window


 Support remote operation by SMS for arming, disarming,  Support remote operation and querying

 status etc.


H7 Front.png

H7 Back.png

4 wired zone port respectively are “Z1 & GND”“Z2 & GND””Z3 & GND” and “Z4 & GND”. The zone loop should be connected with 2.2k resistance of end of line.

linkage port is used to link the network camera or other household appliances. NC is normal close port, NO is normal open port, COM is the common ground port.

h7 alarm system completed protect.jpg