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The summary of the GSM MMS alarm

Jan 23, 2017

GSM MMS alarm system also known as GSM MMS camera, the camera is using GSM (GPRS) mobile communication technology and integration of the intrusion detection alarm device. With the development of GPRS and GSM technology, has been widely applied in the network coverage area. But due to the low transmission rate, the market is also faced with shrinking. With the popularization of 3 g network, 3 g alarm will also arises at the historic moment.

Most GSM MMS alarm system is made up of infrared detection sensor, the low resolution of the camera, infrared LED and GSM modem. How does it work? Infrared detectors and cameras to detect movement, will trigger the alarm. When trigger the alarm, the camera will record a few photos, and then use the GSM modem to send MMS to alarm programmed cell phone reception. Among them, the infrared LED night vision function.