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The smart home security alarm system HY-W20

Aug 02, 2017

The best smart alarm for home HY-W20

Main Features 
◆ WIFI/GPRS/SMS network transmission alert, three network backup modes selection 
◆ 32 wireless zone, 11 zone type are optional: disable, delay, burglar, perimeter, fire, gas, duress, panic, medical, doorbell, smart. 
◆ Support 8 RFID cards. The name of RFID card can be modified by users. 
◆ Support 8 PSTN alarm phone numbers. When alarm happens, it will auto dial the preset phone number to inform the user. 
◆ Support IOS and Android App. Users can operate and program alarm host via App. 
◆ Support arm/disarm, system status, alarm information push in multiple language, alarm information pop-up on the screen, alarm voice and vibration. 
◆ Zone name can be edited by users. Check all states of the host in real time. 
◆ Intelligently connecting with network in short time, the host panel can be controlled by more than 1 mobile phone at the same time, joining networking center and centralizing monitoring of over 1 host panel with App. 
◆ Support remotely updating the firmware by App. 
◆ Monitor the open/close state of doors and windows, protect arm zone from failure of open door/window. 
◆ Built-in siren, the volume have three level can adjusted, can work with wireless siren. 
◆ support remote operation by phone, support arm, disarm, monitoring and so on. 
◆ 2 arming/disarming timers can be set based on weekdays and weekends. 
◆ Built-in high power capacity 800mAh 3.7V lithium battery can be standby 8 hours at 
◆ Support 100 pieces of latest alarm records and querying via App .