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The reason analysis of the network camera being struck by lightning

Dec 09, 2019

The reason analysis of the network camera being struck by lightning

(I) main forms of lightning attacking webcam

The main forms of lightning attack are direct lightning and induction lightning.

1. Thunder is a direct lightning strike on the network camera, causing mechanical damage, which is the most serious damage, but this form rarely occurs in reality

2. induction thunder

Due to the rapid change of lightning current, a strong electromagnetic field is generated around it. The webcam in the magnetic field and its transmission line induce a strong electromotive force, that is, electromagnetic induction; at the same time, the webcam and transmission line in the magnetic field will also induce the opposite charge of lightning, forming electrostatic induction. Induction mine will cause great damage to the monitoring system, which is more common in reality, and is the key protection object.

(II) the network camera is the front-end equipment of the security monitoring system, which belongs to the weak current equipment. Its sensitive components have low tolerance, and are unable to withstand the impact of lightning current. At the same time, this kind of equipment is distributed in the open air, and becomes an important object of lightning attack. In case of lightning stroke, the lightning current will enter the terminal system along the transmission lines such as power supply and signal, while damaging the camera, causing serious damage to the monitoring center.