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The perfect solution for Shop

Jul 11, 2017

Happy to have your own shop, sad about shop safe.

Our  HY-518 GSM/PSTN alrm system  will give you the peace of mind that your shop is secure.

HY-518 works with wireless and wired accessoris, more optional. You can choose the way you like, ultimate flexibility. Just put this alarm panel in somewhere people not easy to find for the security sake.

You can choose the HY-305A wired keypad or HY-305B wireless keppad to control the alarm panel. You can arm/disarm from the keypad. No one find there is a housekeeper.

If you have the Shutter doors for you shop. You can choose the HY-MC134 as the first guard line.

When burglar open the roller door,it will send N.O./N.C. Signal to alarm panel

Install HY-806CR on each window. Prevent the thief from breaking  the window.

The IP Camera is helpful for you.Support to controll via Android ,IOS App ,sofware on PC and remotely view video,mornitor,

Of course ,you need a wireless outdoor siren HY-6107W. when alarm there is high decibel noise output and light flashing, when the trigger signal will make intruder fled the scene, Strengthening alarm deterrence and improve the environment to prevent security system.

If you own a supermarket .Congratuation you find the right manufacturer. You should add some modules to provide higher levels and more comprehensive protection. Such as the HY-301A, 302A.