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The main classification of burglar alarm

Jan 23, 2017

The original reason

Can be mainly divided into the infrared alarm detector, microwave/microwave alarm detector, passive infrared alarm detector, the glass broken alarm detectors, alarm detector, ultrasonic vibration alarm detector, laser alarm detector and alarm detector magnetic control switch, switch alarm detector, video motion detection alarm, voice detector and so on many kinds. Such as AD920C, HW - 01 g

Way sex

Can be divided into active alarm detector and passive alarm detector.

The scope of sex

And can be divided into some control alarm detector, wire control alarm detector, surface control to prevent alarm detector alarm detector and space.

Cable and wireless

And can be divided into the cable detector, infrared detector, such as AD9202D AD9202c, YL007 wireless infrared detectors.

Distance sex

And can be divided into high power detector and the conventional detector. Such as AD608-03 signal transmission distance up to 1000 meters, and AD9202C wireless signal transmission distance of 100 meters.