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The limitation of alarm system

Jun 03, 2017

Any alarm systems,whether commercial or residential, is subject to somewhat alarm failure or wrong

alarm for variety of reasons.

For example:

1. Owing to the omission of user, the system was not armed.

2. Misunderstanding on the user’s manual by the user or installer causes the abnormal

working of the system.

3. Intruders may gain access through unprotected openings or have the technical

sophistication to bypass an alarm sensor or disconnect an alarm warning device.

Passive Infrared Motion Detectors can only detect intrusion within the designed

ranges as diagrammed in their installation manual. They do not provide volumetric

area protection. They can not detect motion or intrusion that takes place behind walls,

ceiling, floors, closed doors, glass partitions, glass doors, or windows.

4. Passive Infrared Detector sense changes in temperature; however, as the ambient

temperature of protected area approaches the temperature range of 32to 40

, the detection performance will decrease.

5. It is exiting no-power or battery-aging.

6. Alarm warning devices such as sirens, bells or horns may not alert people or wake up

sleeper if they are located on the other side of closed or partly open doors.

7. Telephone lines needed to transmit alarm signals from a premise to a central

monitoring station may be out of service or temporarily out of service. Telephone lines

are also subject to compromise by sophisticated intruders.

8. The most common cause of an alarm system not functioning when an intrusion or fire

occurs is inadequate maintenance. This alarm system should be tested weekly to

make sure all sensors and transmitters are working properly.

9. The wireless communication distance is the testing figure in open area. Please make

sure no obstacle in the surrounding environment to guarantee the reliability of the

wireless communication distance farther.

10. The weak network signal may be caused by adjusting of carrier, busy network or

unavailability of SIM antenna

So security awareness can not be relaxed