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The Latest Trends in Home Security

Feb 08, 2019

The Latest Trends in Home Security

New technology lets you use your cellphone to buzz people into your building or turn off the stove. You can even get a robot to patrol your apartment complex.

Home security has come a long way from the days when hard-wired alarm systems were the only option for single-family homes or, in the case of apartment complexes, a security guard or two to patrol the grounds.

Today, wireless or cellular all-in-one-systems allow you to check on your house from afar, and voice command capabilities let you tell a virtual assistant to shut the garage door while you cook dinner. As for apartment buildings, roving robots and sophisticated camera systems have improved security and also given residents more control by shifting video intercom access to cellphones.

In co-op and condominium buildings, property management firms have been increasingly installing camera systems with 360-degree vision that can provide data analytics.

These systems send video footage to electronic encoders at security monitoring centers — either in apartment buildings or off-site locations run by a security firm. The encoders analyze and break down the video into data, and send alerts and responses when something is deemed “out of the norm”. For example, a motion detector that has been triggered can turn on the lights at night; or, a package that has been left unattended in an area where it shouldn’t be will signal the security firm to alert building staff.