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The functions and characteristics of the GSM alarm

Jan 23, 2017

Host USES the GSM/GPRS module industry, stable and reliable performance. Compatible with Chinese/English short message alarm function, called in mobile and removal.

Can set 5 set of user number, cooperate with SMS turning machine can be connected to the center management.

On-site monitoring function: can hear voice clearly, people walking, dig, such as action.

The intercom function; To the field staff appeal, duplex intercom. (optional)

Host power prompt function: ac power, telephone short message telling the user.

Out through the wireless remote control, home protection, protection, removal or emergency alarm, easy to use.

Instruction by long distance calls or send text messages to distance protection, removal, monitor, remote control output, the host function Settings, and so on.

Host can through phone or texting, remote control output 3 road, cooperate with peripheral circuit can control the room lights, air conditioning switch, etc.

Host has 3 road cable input control, open circuit and short circuit test can be uniform, Jane convenient connection cable alarm equipment.

Host has 16 road various wireless anti-theft detector (wireless correlation fence, smoke, gas, emergency button, etc.).

Host 1 road control relay output, when alarm linkage power supply, video, etc.

The host has the password to ensure system safety.

External interface horn, mute/siren alarm switch.

Host 3 road cable protection zones, 16-way wireless slip cloth machine separately, convenient to use in different areas.

Host optional built-in battery, ac/dc automatic conversion, automatic charging system to ensure the normal work of the power.

All wireless system, no wiring, easy installation. Particularly applicable to the garage, warehouse cable network can't reach.