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The development trend of intelligent home

May 03, 2017

Some experts pointed out that since 2016, the frequency of smart home significantly reduced. In this site, many factors ,such as VR become the industry new hot spots, media coverage transfer attention to external factors. However, most is from the smart home industry their own reasons. Such as the concept of intelligent home over consumption, product experience unsatisfactory, the influx of capital fast money, the industry lacks a unified standard。


 What is the future of smart home?

However, before the smart home industry is not standardized and mature ,their need to practice internal strength, like VR technology accumulation  for many years, until today was outbreak.smart home silence for a while is a good thing  for the industry . Why?

First, look at the future, heat reduction is only temporary. Smart home is a way of life progress, people on the efficient and convenient pursuit of life and did not stop, the great value of this market has not been really excited.

Second, squeeze out the capital bubble, return to business origin. Capital hot money leave, leaving the enterprise to provide more technology accumulation, put more attention on product grinding and researching user needs.


Third, devote themselves to the technical reserves. In addition to hardware design and manufacturing, the Internet of things technology, home control systems, large data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence need to speed up the layout.


Fourth, large enterprises take the lead, small businesses follow up. The In front of Haier, the United States and other large enterprises continue to promote, through the introduction of intelligent home open platform.


Fifth, policy support, a few months ago, Zhongguancun manufacturing street have officially settled


Smart home is a systems engineering, and ultimately not product-oriented, but service-oriented. The need for technical support, through the computer, network communications, home appliances control, integrated wiring and other technologies, and home intelligent control, information exchange and consumer services, residential security monitoring and other home life effectively combined, coupled with the continuous terminal, application And services, so that consumers enjoy the perception of intelligent home life experience.

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