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The development of the smart home market also pays attention to time, location, and harmony

Dec 23, 2019

The development of the smart home market also pays attention to "time, location, and harmony"

From the current market situation, the smart home industry seems to have entered a stage of multi-vehicle parallelism. The main reasons may be the following:

1) The soundness and speed of the basic network, the popularity of smart phones and the development of mobile applications have made smart homes based on mobile Internet applications have the soil for development and the conditions for an explosion;

2) The maturity of the concept of the Internet of Things, the wireless technology and interconnection concepts, the promotion of the concept of smart cities and the concept of smart homes by the government and the industry have increased the demand for smart home products and services, and their acceptance has become increasingly high;

3) With the improvement of living standards, everyone is pursuing a personalized high-quality life, and the desire to try new things has also greatly increased. Using high technology to improve family life has also become the choice of more people;

4) With the overall development of the industry, the entry prices of smart home products and platform services have also been greatly reduced. From the high-end smart home systems that previously cost tens of thousands of yuan, smart home single products can be purchased for hundreds of yuan now Experience, and more flexible options, smart home has no obstacles to enter ordinary people.