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The composition of the burglar alarm system

Mar 24, 2017

The first security line consists of the perimeter alarm system in order to prevent invaders from climbing over the fence and the surrounding. Using induction cable or active infrared intrusion detectors.

The second security line consists of the community monitoring system, which is mainly monitoring the main channel of vehicles, personnel and key facilities in the community. With the community alarm system and perimeter protection system, it can improve the alarm response rate.

The third security line consists of the security patrol management system. Through the community security personnel’s monitoring to suspicious people in the community, the event supervision, with the electronic patrol system to ensure that security personnel patrols in place to achieve the strict management of community property.

The fourth security line consists of the family burglar alarm system, which is the most important part of the entire security system, but also the last link. When the thieves illegally invaded  households or the occurrence of gas leaks, fires, emergency illness and other emergencies, through the installation of a variety of indoor electronic detectorsit will  automatically alarm. The alarm center will receive the alarm signal within ten seconds, and send security or ambulance personnel to the house to deal with the situation.