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The civil burglar alarm market is on the rising

May 10, 2017

In recent years, with the development of smart home, home security has become a new consumer hot spots. home security is not only a product, it is a new way of life. In the family life, anti-theft security is the primary consideration, although the family anti-theft system dont really come in handy so much, but it exists like an invisible safety net, quiet guardian. In recent years, with impact on the integration of the Internet and smart home industry , for the family, shops, factories and enterprises of civil burglar alarm market is also rising!

At present, the burglar alarm mainly in the government departments, finance, culture and other fields in the field of more in-depth, and people's lives are closely related areas are still ready to go out stage, such as home burglar alarm, shop burglar alarm, factory burglar alarm, etc. In the city, some criminals frequently to the claws to the residents of residential, units and shops, for house theft and robbery, in some high-end community, although there are access control systems, monitoring systems, perimeter guard, security But the stolen case is still happening.

Burglar alarm through a set of open platform system, so that every resident's life together, in addition to the security relationship, but also the family electrical appliances, living environment associated with the daily needs of life associated with a comprehensive service Platform, integration of resources, to provide users with comprehensive service support, build a new anti-theft alarm service application model, there is the same free mode of civil monitoring, which may be the new ideas of future burglar alarm industry, .