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The basic function of smart alarm system

Jun 15, 2017

1) Anti-theft: If illegal burglary, immediately on-site alarm, while sending out the alarm signal

2) Help: can be used for the elderly at home, children accident and emergency call for help

3) Fire protection: smoke detectors through the timely detection of indoor smoke, send a fire alarm

4) anti-combustible gas poisoning: to detect gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas and other gas leaks, timely alarm

5) Automatic alarm: In the event of police intelligence, the host automatically loop to set the phone, such as networking alarm to the alarm center, or send a voice alarm signal

6) Remote monitoring: connected to the alarm after the phone can immediately monitor and determine the indoor scene movement, so that action can be taken.

7) Remote remote control: the owner in a remote location through the phone or call  the home host armed or disarmed and other operations. Can also be part of armingļ¼Œ such as people in the living room disarmed, balcony windows armed.

smoke detector

gas detector