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The advantages of GSM alarm system

Jun 15, 2017

GSM alarm system using the latest wireless mobile communication network and related digital processing technology, has been gradually applied to the field of technical security, is a set of home, shops, office safety, electrical control, private car remote monitoring and other functions as a whole Control the alarm system. 

It uses GSM wireless mobile communication network short message data transmission mode and voice function platform, truly realize the ultra-long distance convenient and flexible wireless alarm processing and control, to solve the fixed telephone or wired broadband network cable data transmission mode alarm limitations. At the same time, due to the high stability, to provide more reliable security protection, to solve the WIFI network alarm instability, easy to be signal disturbed and other issues. 

Therefore, GSM alarm system has been the mainstream of the market alarm, welcomeded by the users.


HY-H5:  H5 Gsm Contact ID alarm system   burglar touch screen

HY-H7:  HY-H7 LCD GSM alarm sytem burglar touch screen  child lock Contact ID

HY-H3 GSM alarm system

HY-H5 GSM alarm system

HY-H7 GSM alarm system