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Teach you how to choose a home alarm

Dec 20, 2019

Teach you how to choose a home alarm

  With the development of science and technology, the expansion of the security market and the widespread improvement of people's security awareness, security has become an issue that most people value. The burglar alarm has also become the first choice for home security. For Xiaobai residents, how to choose an anti-theft alarm has become a headache for them. Here, the pilot guard has organized some common knowledge for everyone:

1: Wireless home anti-theft alarm is the first choice

   Why do you choose wireless? I believe everyone must have renovated their homes before installing the anti-theft alarms, and all the lines including telephone lines, network cables, etc. are well-organized. At this time, if you buy a wired anti-theft alarm, you The decoration devoted to my own efforts was damaged. Not to mention, some lines are not elegant when walking around the room. The most terrible thing is that once the main line is cut off, the alarm will completely lose its effect.

2: There must be a self-protection function

If you encounter some experienced thieves, like the "stealer" in the movie, you may think of an anti-theft alarm installed in your home. The first thing you think of is definitely to destroy the alarm first. It doesn't make sense if the alarm in your home is "weak and windy", so choose a burglar alarm that can alarm before it is completely destroyed.

3: Remote monitoring is important

  As the saying goes, begging others is worse than asking for yourself, others in the home are definitely not as good as others, so using remote monitoring alarm is particularly important. You can connect the alarm to the network cable. Once there is an abnormal situation in the home, the alarm I can tell you the first time, and you can monitor, disarm, and arm at any time through the APP.

4: The host should keep "battery life"

What's the most depressing? It's just that the alarm works normally when the home is safe. Once there are really "visitors" in the home, but the home is stolen because of power outages, you must have two hands to prepare for special circumstances Appeared, this requires a "built-in battery" inside the host, so that the battery can be activated to keep the alarm working when the power is off.

5: Set the password

Friends with children at home should buy an alarm with a password protection function. Children are more naughty and curious. It is worth the trouble to change the settings of the anti-theft alarm while you are not paying attention.

6: Multiple remote controls are prepared

If you have a lot of family members, it is necessary to prepare multiple remote controls. If you lose or take away the remote control, you do n’t need to worry about it. You just need to delete the remote control and use the other ones. Already.

7: Emergency help is great

If there are elderly people and children in the family who can't help but control the chicken, you can choose the one with the help button on the remote control for easy operation and save time.

8: Stability is the key

This is an aspect we cannot ignore when choosing an alarm. This is the so-called "stable", which actually refers to the accuracy of the alarm. Don't be too "sensitive". Occasionally, one or two false alarms are understandable, but Give you a false positive every day, then your life will not be peaceful, it is better not to install and worry about it.

9: Multiple zones are more convenient

The reason for choosing multiple zones for home burglar alarms is that each zone is an independent system. You can log in and delete the detector freely. If a detector is damaged, you can log in again with a new one, and you do n’t need to send it. And move the whole body.

   10: 3C certification

Whether the alarm host, infrared detector, and door sensor have passed the national compulsory 3C certification. 3C certification is a certification that security products must pass, and it is also the first factor to ensure product quality.

   11: After-sales service of the product

Anti-theft alarms are not as simple to use as other household appliances, and need to be installed and debugged by professionals to avoid more or less problems during use. Therefore, users must pay attention to whether the product provider can provide matching after-sales service when purchasing products, otherwise it is difficult to ensure that the purchased anti-theft alarm products can be effectively used for a long time.

When you really buy, you need to think about it comprehensively, first of all, you must draw up a rough security plan, so that you know the list you need to purchase. For example, the alarm mode, the number of detectors, and the installation position of the detectors. These need to be determined before installation.