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Summer Burglaries Arise Frequently; Alarm System Protects the User Safely

Jul 02, 2018

Summer Burglaries Arise Frequently; 

Alarm System Protects the User Safely

Hot in June, the temperature rising all over the country, the enthusiasm of the summer unstoppable "resistance", such as burglary "criminals", recently, across several burglary event happened again.

On June 12, xiamen, more than Amoy area police station's jurisdiction burglary case occurred in a row, respectively located on university road, five-arched three families, Lv Ling road home burglary, the gold jewelry in the home such as stolen total loss about 20000 yuan. On June 14, just when the investigator is busy work, about 14, conifers, 4th floor, a district house again involved with value of more than 30 ten thousand yuan (a lot of gold jewelry chest drawer stolen) burglary cases. The special case team quickly followed up the investigation and judgment, confirming that the suspects xu and yu had fled back to the building to commit crimes.

Every day, similar incidents of burglary are occurring, and families who have been robbed lose their property or their lives. Burglary often casts a shadow on their daily life. As an individual, in life, is there a better way to effectively avoid burglary?

In fact, in today's national security awareness rising, home security guard has become the consensus of the majority, and the enhancement of security is to make people have more security, stability, easy means of family security. At present, there are two main types of home security, one is to install video monitoring system, the other is to install anti-theft alarm system. Video monitoring system is still controversial due to privacy issues, and a set of safe and effective anti-theft alarms can better protect the family security.

Theft is often happened, how to effectively guard against theft has always been the problem of attention, especially some of the old village, has become the focus of the thieves often, security doors and window has been unable to stop their behavior, at present, the family security more and more get people's attention. And the use of infrared alarm is also the general trend, effective protection of household security.

In this system, the balcony to install wireless infrared grating, the gate installed wireless magnetic door, the sitting room to install wireless infrared detector, gas detector and smoke detectors, kitchen and toilet installed the system through the alarm host signal receiving and control, the user can download the APP to control the system.

In the protection state, when someone is trying to invasion from the balcony, wireless infrared grating detection to alarm signal, signal alarm, immediately when someone entering the gate, wireless magnetic door detect early-warning, alarm signal will be uploaded to the host and mobile APP, and the infrared detector to detect the human body infrared signals of the sitting room, will immediately report to the police, in the same way, take charge of the family occurs when the gas leakage or fire, gas detector or smoke detectors trigger the alarm, alert the user. In this way, the whole family of the safety of the place is in place.

At this point, you should have a deeper understanding of the system! In fact, burglary is very common, even if it does not happen to ourselves, but we must learn to prepare for the rainy day, because when the accident occurs, it is often too late to regret. Therefore, home users should install a set of anti-theft alarms in their homes to ensure their own safety and improve the safety awareness of the whole people.