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Something about video monitoring system

Jun 23, 2017

Monitoring is the physical basis for real-time monitoring of key departments or important sites in various industries. The management department can obtain valid data, image or sound information to monitor and memorize the process of sudden abnormal events in order to provide efficient, Timely command and height, the deployment of police, handling cases. Digital monitoring alarm performance characteristics are: monitoring screen real-time display, video image quality single-channel adjustment function, each video speed can be set, quick search, a variety of video mode setting function, automatic backup, PTZ / lens control function , Network transmission and so on.

The most important feature

The system innovatively realized the integration of video surveillance and conference, and can manage the remote device flexibly and effectively. Through the remote monitoring of the object recording, playback, linkage alarm, monitoring strategy development, emergency command and other applications, to monitor and communicate the dual function.

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