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Solar Wireless Alarm to Solve the Home Security

Feb 07, 2019

Solar Wireless Alarm to Solve the Home Security

As people's emphasis on safety, intelligent household products demand increased year by year, sound and light alarm is the first line of defense, household safety as intelligent household industry an important sector, has always been very strong, the market demand for household security concept already thorough popular feeling, anti-theft alarm system is the most common security facilities in life.

With the improvement of people's living standard, everyone's awareness of anti-theft prevention is gradually enhanced, and the idea of "asking for others is not as good as asking for yourself" is getting stronger and stronger. How to simply and conveniently realize the family anti-theft, the key is to choose a suitable security equipment.

Advantage of abundant solar energy solar acousto-optic alarm, cheap, clean, renewable, high safety, less input, such as the unique advantages, its life expectancy than normal use of the battery or power transformer alarm is much longer, performance is remarkable, widely used in residential housing, shops, enterprises and institutions, factories, schools, residential property and so on.

Solar wireless alarm is set in alarm front end commonly, can see its figure often on the doorway of the home, window. Sound and light alarm on the alarm has its advantages, is the alarm in a timely, intuitive, can be the first time warning, to deter intruders. Let the owner of the house very direct feel alarm information.

On the transmission of alarm information, the acousto-optic alarm only uses simple acousto-optic alarm. It's hard to get the message across when your host is not home. If the guards cannot check it in time, the burglar alarm may be damaged by criminals. So, sound and light alarm application up short board or a lot of.

The solar wireless alarm, sets the high brightness alarm light lamp, the high decibel alarm in a body, when appears the warning situation, may not only sound light warning, but also may send out the loud sound, the warning is stronger, the safety level is higher. Wide range of application, can be used as alarm host or high-power audio-optic siren. The device USES solar panels to convert solar energy into electricity to provide energy saving and environmental protection for the whole system, making you an environmentalist easily.