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Solar Siren Prevent Thief Outside the Door, Being Safekeeper of User

Aug 08, 2018

Solar Siren Prevent Thief Outside the Door, Being Safekeeper of User

When intelligent network monitoring has been widely used in streets and lanes, there are still many important security areas that cannot be monitored due to poor wiring, and no dead angle coverage can be achieved. Undoubtedly, the most popular new energy security is the best choice. Solar alarms are a novelty in the security world. However, with the continuous improvement of solar energy technology and the continuous improvement of electric storage technology, solar energy has been applied to the security and alarm field conveniently.

As a loyal guardian of people's security interests, what are the characteristics of solar alarms? The surface of the product material is processed by special technology, and the product is delicate, elegant, beautiful and durable, especially suitable for places like home, bank and school.

Advantage of abundant solar energy solar alarm, cheap, clean, renewable, high safety, less input, such as the unique advantages, its life expectancy than normal use of the battery or power transformer alarm is much longer, performance is remarkable, widely used in residential housing, shops, enterprises and institutions, factories, schools, residential property and so on.

"Sound-light alarm" has a wide range of practicality. Take home solar energy alarm as an example, which is hung outside. When there is a fault, the alarm indicator is always on, and the cellphone monitoring shows the fault warning, etc., but all of these require human observation and attention in time. And "sound-light alarm" function, in above foundation, added a sound to remind, greatly convenient customer.

After installing the HEYI solar siren in your home, you can check the situation in your home at any time, and the system can carry out safety self-check on all areas of your home. Once you find any abnormal situation, you can timely issue a warning, so that you can grasp the safety situation in your home at the first time!

On the evening of September 20, 2017, the owner of a residential house in xinhua street, huadu district, guangzhou returned home after work. He found traces of being overturned in his home. A batch of property was stolen. On the 25th, burglaries happened frequently in guangzhou. People lost cash or laptops, cameras and other items in their homes.

Police in a number of crime scene investigation found that almost all the doors and Windows of the stolen scene were intact, apparently a technical lock burglary. The criminals are so skilled that they leave few traces of their crime. When people go to work and go out, they boldly shuttle in the daytime to the community, the residence, the grand implementation of theft.

No matter how great the skill of theft is, the long arm of the law will not be able to get away with it. Is the effective method that protects the property in the home, is the key problem that we should think.

Solar acoustic light alarm, set with high brightness and high decibel, can not only sound and light warning, but also emit loud sound, with stronger warning and higher safety level. Wide application range, can be used as an alarm host or high power sound and light alarm. The device USES solar panels to convert solar energy into electricity to provide energy saving and environmental protection for the whole system, making you an environmental expert easily.

Relying on the wireless transmission mode, the installation is simple and convenient, integrating the high-brightness alarm lamp and high-decibel alarm siren, which is more alarming. The solar panel is adopted to convert the solar energy into electric energy, which is energy saving and environmental protection for the power supply of the whole system. It is convenient for you to install, and it can also achieve the effect of green environmental protection.

In the Internet era, science and technology develop rapidly, and various excellent smart home products emerge in endlessly. More convenience for home users. I think such a high quality product will still be favored by customers. In the actual application, with other security accessories, the solar alarm will play a more important role and provide better user experience.