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Solar Acousto-optic Alarm 6107S Eliminate Hidden Danger, Escort for Home Security

Jul 05, 2018

Solar Acousto-optic Alarm 6107S Eliminate Hidden Danger

- Escort for Home Security

As people's emphasis on safety, intelligent household products demand increased year by year, sound and light alarm is the first line of defense, household safety as intelligent household industry an important sector, has always been very strong, the market demand for household security concept already thorough popular feeling, solar acousto-optic alarm is one of the most common security facilities in life.

Family security has always advocated the combination of human defense technology and physical defense. This works best, but technical protection is not yet widespread in the average household. It is difficult to achieve good results only by human and material defense, especially when encountering skilled thieves. At present, the installation of the acoustooptic alarm is the best way to deal with thieves, the following solar energy acoustooptic alarm.

Advantage of abundant solar acoustooptic alarm, cheap, clean, renewable, high safety, less input, such as the unique advantages, its life expectancy than normal use of the battery or power transformer alarm is much longer, performance is remarkable, widely used in residential housing, shops, enterprises and institutions, factories, schools, residential property and so on.

The solar acoustooptic alarm is usually set at the front of the alarm. Sound and light alarm has its advantages in alarm, that is, timely and intuitive alarm, can be the first time early warning, to intimidate intruders. Let the owner of the house feel the alarm information very directly.

However, the solar acoustooptic alarm also has its disadvantages, that is, the false alarm rate is high, and the limitation of information transmission is large. Let's start with the false alarm rate. When an audible and visual alarm is placed on a window or door, thunder, car noise, and other minor noises may cause it to misreport. When a burglar alarm is constantly ringing, it will cause the owner and neighbors to be disgusted and upset. Repeated inspections can lead to a loss of vigilance and give criminals an advantage.

On the transmission of alarm information, the acoustooptic alarm only USES simple acoustooptic alarm. When the host is not at home, it is difficult to convey the information to the host. If the security guard cannot check it in time, the burglar alarm may be damaged by the criminals. So, acoustooptic alarms are used in a lot of short boards.

HEYI security of solar acoustooptic alarm system has many years of research, in view of the acousto-optic alarm, used the remote APP control solutions, with mobile monitoring and alarm linkage mode, create a new type of sound and light alarm system. Especially in the security, users can often see it on their mobile phones at any time, and it can also be used in combination with video monitoring system. Even if users are not at home, they can easily manage the home security system.

Ms. Xue, who lives in the jinxiu community in chang 'an district, xi 'an, has just moved into her new house for a month. However, she has no joy in moving to her new house. These days, hasn't been living people in the home, this morning, ms xue family one came to the new house, the sitting room scene let them eat a surprised: TV ark is empty, television had disappeared.

The main reason why the thief was able to enter the house was that Ms. Xue lived on the third floor and the window was a platform. Although installed fence, window and lock the elements, but the thief by the brute lock-picking impetuously, platform outside still left a fire hose, says ms xue, the thief is through the hose will be hanging down the TV.

In order to meet the needs of the user security, HEYI security research and development of a solar energy system is composed of anti-theft alarm host and acoustooptic alarm, when installation without wiring, support networking alarm, video monitoring alarm. Users can carry out remote control, easy to operate. When a home burglar alarm detector detects an intruder, it will send the signal to the alarm host, which will make an alarm sound and inform the user timely.

Solar acousto-optic alarm, set high brightness warning light, high decibel siren at an organic whole, industry, not only can sound and light alarm, also can a loud voice, warning more strongly, the higher level of security. Wide range of applications, can be alarm mainframe or high - power sound - light siren. The device USES solar panels to convert solar energy into electricity, providing energy saving and environmental protection for the whole system, making you an environmentalist easily.