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Smoke Detector And Heat Detector

Sep 18, 2018

Smoke Detector And Heat Detector

We often can see in the news of various fire occurs, improper use or home gas fire, cause, or a short circuit, etc., and the fire in the home is what cannot be predicted, and could be happened at any time, also could never happen, but is have to do prevention work, as long as there is a certain concept, we can't ignore.

Fires are relentless, causing not only property damage but also tragedy. A fire accident behind, is a sad story, but also a painful lesson. Fire safety is no trivial matter, and the combination of elimination and prevention has become an important development direction of modern intelligent fire control.

Recently, a fire broke out at a KTV in Jiangdong street, Yiwu city. Wang, owner of a cafe downstairs of KTV, first found the fire and called the police. After the fire department of yiwu received the police, a total of 4 vehicles and 28 people were dispatched to the site to deal with it. From the discovery of the fire to the extinguishment of the fire, the whole process is less than 10 minutes. However, upstairs KTV fire why is the downstairs Internet cafe first found? When the fire, Internet cafe owner wang mou is still in his home, how did he first know the fire?

"Luckily I had a smoke detector in my shop, otherwise the consequences would be terrible!" As it turned out, around 7 a.m. that day, wang received a fire alarm message from smoke detector in his home, he immediately called the on-duty staff in the elimination and control room to organize fire fighting and dial 119 to alarm.

"Was really negligent, fortunately downstairs cafe owner installed smoke sense alarm, the first time found the fire, otherwise the fire spread, my loss is far more than this." After the fire was put out, KTV owner zhang was still in shock.

The reporter understands, smoke alarm is the sentinel of fire protection system, by adopting the technology of photoelectric smoke or ionic smoke, by monitoring the concentration of the smoke, fire prevention, once found abnormal conditions such as automatic alarm facilities, equipment, in just a few seconds, the system can through the phone APP push notifications, mobile phone text messages, such as form, notify the entity of legal person, the principal person in charge, safety and control room actual controllers and other related personnel, to avoid the previous traditional fire management work, only elimination control room attendants can receive the alarm information and may lead to a series of safety problems.

It seems that the installation of smoke detector is indispensable naturally, because a fire in the Internet bar will produce a large number of smoke, and the smoke detector of security product smoke detector is an alarm device that can sense the smoke concentration in the air. When the smoke concentration in the air reaches a certain standard, the smoke detector will immediately produce an alarm.

For an Internet cafe, there are many causes of fire: accidental use of fire, smoking, aging of electrical equipment, improper installation of electrical equipment, etc. The fire brought serious disaster to the Internet cafe, light financial loss, heavy personal injury. But now the good news is that the HEYI security research and development smoke detector, the appearance of simple fashion, installation without wiring, simple convenience.

Fire prevention is a part of the safety of Internet cafes, which includes instant trigger, remote alarm, independent linkage and safety. Choose a smoke detector to use, enjoy happy life, colorful safety life. All in all, its emergence is an extremely important way for us to protect our safety, let us wait and see.