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Smoke Alarm Prevents Fire and Protects the Home

Oct 05, 2018

The Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Prevents Fire and Protects the Home

Fires are relentless, causing not only property damage but also tragedy. A fire accident behind, is a sad story, but also a painful lesson. Fire safety is no trivial matter, and the combination of elimination and prevention has become an important development direction of modern intelligent fire control. In today's highly developed science and technology, is it possible to give early warning of fire and reduce the possible loss of life and property caused by fire?

Photoelectric smoke alarm is undoubtedly such a fire weapon, then, what is photoelectric smoke alarm? It USES photoelectric or ionic smoke technology to monitor the concentration of smoke to prevent fire. After detecting the fire in the early stage, an alarm can be issued directly to remind the site personnel to give a quick warning and evacuate in time.

Home fires have accounted for about 30 percent of all fires nationwide, according to fire department statistics. Family fires happen all the time, in places that are easy to notice or hidden in places that are hard to find. However, if the photoelectric smoke alarm is widely used in residential buildings, the loss caused by fire can be effectively reduced.

Independent smoke detector, extinguish fire in the bud. If you can't appreciate the severity of a fire accident, look at the following two cases:

Girls are evacuated outdoors after a fire alarm went off at the dormitory of a freshman girl at a university in dalian at 11:00 PM on April 17, 2017. After it was confirmed that a girl was burning paper shell in the corridor, the smoke was so large that the smoke sensor started the alarm. There were no further consequences and no injuries.

A fire broke out at 4:00 am on August 24, 2017 in a three-storey building in sanjiao town, zhongshan city. The first floor of the building is a small shop operating office equipment, and the second floor is an office. Two residents were sleeping on the third floor at the time of the fire. Smoke from the fire triggered the independent smoke detector installed on the first floor. One resident woke up by the alarm and went downstairs to check the situation. The fire on the first floor was detected in time.

One of the residents said he had installed a smoke detector as early as 2012. After a period of inspection, it was found that it had broken down.

For a family, there are many causes of fire: accidental use of fire, smoking, children playing with fire, aging of electrical equipment, improper installation of electrical equipment, etc. Fire brings serious disaster to family, light financial loss, heavy personal injury. But now the good news is that the HEYI security research and development smoke detector, the appearance of simple fashion, installation without wiring, simple convenience.

It has more intelligent monitoring effect, and the built-in sensor is very sensitive. In addition, when its battery is low, the phone's app sends out notifications in a timely manner to avoid annoying alerts, which are more intelligent than conventional smoke detectors. The sleek smart smoke detector features traditional smoke and carbon monoxide detection capabilities, smart features that connect to wireless networks and send notifications to phones when abnormalities are detected. It also supports the use of apple and android. It can monitor the status by checking. It is also a good choice.

In general, the photoelectric smoke alarm is very suitable for enterprises, shops and other occasions fire security products, simple installation, easy to use, powerful function, sensitive effect. It can definitely replace the traditional smoke alarm used in the company. It has a certain alarm effect on daily fire prevention and is helpful to reduce property loss.