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Smart WiFi Alarm System

Oct 24, 2018

Smart WiFi Alarm System

As a public service place providing guests with accommodation, catering, entertainment, leisure and other services, many criminals will take advantage of this complex environment and sneak into the hotel to commit crime, directly affecting the personal safety and property safety of guests. In early April, news that a woman had been attacked late at night at the yitel hotel quickly gained national attention. In this incident of night attack on girls, we need to take precautions against potential dangers as much as possible. Undoubtedly, smart WIFI alarm system is the best choice to protect personal safety.

The incident response by the biggest problem is that the hotel's safety equipment did not play the role of security, the so-called monitoring not connect with hotel security department, the information lag caused dangerous incident hotel is not the first time to solve, and the causes of these problems lies in the existing hotel security infrastructure cannot meet the demand of practical application of emergencies.

At present, the hotel industry's video monitoring system has a large number of monitoring points. If all the monitoring video requires manpower to check, it is difficult to imagine. This primitive way of manually viewing video is not only inefficient but also extremely flawed, resulting in the investment of hundreds of thousands or even millions of video monitoring system only plays a role in video recording.

At present, most hotels and guesthouses in China do not have high coverage in the installation of alarm system. Many hotels that have installed alarm equipment only adopt the induction alarm signal through detectors such as front-end infrared butt and electronic fence, and realize alarm linkage with front-end monitoring. This kind of simple alarm system usually has high false alarm rate, poor accuracy, and cannot realize early warning.

To sum up, the existing hotel security system is a management system after the alarm, which only provides the evidence collection service after the event, and has a single function, which severely undersupports the hotel security business.

It is essential to solve the existing problems in the security system of the hotel industry and to create a safe, stable and comfortable passenger environment.

In order to ensure the security of the hotel to the greatest extent, the hotel has formulated a set of strict security system planning. In the entire security system, after multiple investigations, the project has finally selected the HEYI alarm products. The product has high safety coefficient, good stability and easy operation, which is in line with the hotel's prevention practice. Therefore, in this security equipment renovation project, the hotel chose the smart WIFI alarm of keirui to build an important "protection wall" integrating security, stability and convenience in the hotel.

At any time, an emergency button can be triggered when an abnormal situation occurs, and the main opportunity of the intelligent WIFI alarm will open the on-site alarm signal, remind the security personnel to pay attention, and immediately send the alarm to the call center to timely reflect the situation. At night, the system can be set up for defense. When someone illegally intrudes into the blockage area, the main opportunity of alarm control will open the on-site alarm and coordinate lighting and other facilities, to deter illegal personnel and remind security personnel to pay attention, and at the same time automatically upload the police situation to the central system of the reception police to timely reflect the situation.

At the same time, through the network with professional operators of remote video alarm management platform of the network, in the case of alarm events, front-end video alarm system will alarm and alarm the scene pictures, video, uploaded to the network operator, the monitoring center, the monitoring center through pictures, video, intuitive understanding of the scene immediately and be able to judge whether early-warning are true, achieve zero false positives networking alarm service.

Safety is always a top concern at all times. Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, smart WIFI alarm, represented by HEYI security, has shown us its powerful function and attractive development prospect. It is foreseeable that in the near future, such tragedies will gradually disappear in the dust of history. So the hotel is safe. What's the concern of the guests?