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Smart Security System Settled in Home, 24 hours to Protect User Safety

Jun 15, 2018

Smart Security System Settled in Home 

                  -- 24 hours to Protect User Safety

With the continuous acceleration of the pace of life and the continuous improvement of the economic level, the demand for security of family users is gradually increasing. In many large and medium-sized cities, people are choosing apartments and villas at the same time, and their awareness of home security is constantly increasing. In addition to the security projects designed and constructed by real estate developers and construction companies, and the existing "Civil Security, Security and Civil Defence" model, they gradually incorporated people's choices and purchases. As an integral part of smart homes, home security systems will also be the same as family home renovations, becoming a family expense that must be considered after choosing a home and buying a home.


The smart security system is mainly an integrated system that provides intrusion alarm services for residential buildings through various alarm detectors, network cameras, control hosts, reader access controllers, and other security devices. Since using so many advanced technologies, is smart security really safe?

Indoor anti-theft design:

Home burglar alarm system is divided into residential area around the house burglar alarm system and residential indoor burglar alarm system, when the user goes out, the burglar alarm system and indoor anti-theft system will be open around the house, when someone illegally intrudes, the intelligent control host will alarm through The users and residential property management departments are notified in the form of mobile phones, text messages, etc. When making a home interior burglary, the following two points should be noted: First, determine the range to be guarded according to the situation of the room; second, after finding out the locations and areas that are easy to invade, according to the surrounding environment of the user, the security measures and home environment of the community. And so on decided to set the number of defenses.

Indoor fire protection system design:

Indoor fire protection systems consist of home fire detectors, home fire alarm controllers, and fire and light alarms. The main role of the home fire detector is to monitor whether there is a fire in the environment. Household fire detectors usually use combustible gas sensors and smoke sensors. The owner can selectively install according to actual needs. The home fire alarm controller should be set in an obvious and convenient position. The home fire alarm with visual intercom function should be set near the entrance door. The sound and light alarm of fire should have voice function and can receive linkage control.

Emergency rescue system design:

Emergency assistance refers to the terminal equipment that can be used for simple and convenient assistance when the owner encounters emergency situations at home. The installation of an emergency button in each room makes it easy to report an emergency situation when it occurs. This is especially true when the elderly in the home are in desperate need of help.

From the security point of view, intelligent security system can achieve the level of home security alarm point of defense, and the use of logical judgments to avoid false alarm system; remote control or keyboard can be used to arm, disarm the system, once the alarm, the system automatically confirmed Alarm information, status, and location, and it can automatically force a busy line when an alarm occurs. It not only can realize the control of smart home appliances, intelligent lighting, intelligent curtains, etc., it facilitates life, improves quality, and can achieve all-weather three-dimensional security monitoring, to build a three-dimensional security system for residents to protect the family's life and property safety.

Smart security system is the entrance to open "future life" and is an important part of realizing smart life. Choosing a smart alarm can be said to be the "first step" in enjoying a smart life. It is centered on safety and brings convenience to life. In the field of security systems, the company has been deeply pursuing years of security and security in the security technology market, and has been favored by consumers for its convenient and secure product design.

Having a comfortable and high-quality home is everyone's expectation. With the rapid development of the times, people's concept of good living has also changed, and safe living has gradually occupied the main position. HEYI smart security system is based on anti-theft, the human security, physical defense, technical protection as one of the security model, can protect your safety 24 hours.