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Smart Security System Provide Security for Users

Aug 28, 2018

Smart Security System Provide Security for Users

With the development of science and technology, now smart home is no longer just do some of the things we specify mechanically, but can do some of the things actively and truly participate in our life. Zhifan smart home system, leading technology, "emotional intelligence" higher, let smart home really love you understand you.

HEYI security, build intelligent home intelligent system. The intelligent control system of the whole house is built for the people who pursue high quality life, realizing intelligent interconnection of various equipment of intelligent lighting, intelligent security, intelligent control and other systems, allowing you to enjoy your life.

The smart security system supports the combination and linkage of various security equipment, including door magnet, human infrared sensor, smoke alarm and camera, to meet the first demand of home safety. In case of any crisis, the camera will feed the picture to the user's mobile phone in real time. The security problem is mastered in one hand to ensure that the security problem is not missed. When there are intruders, the alarm will be the first time to alarm, to ensure that the criminal can not escape, home security is always guaranteed.

Automatic alert and "SOS"

Detect intrusions through smart sensors installed at home. When the sensor is triggered, the alarm host will send an alarm to alert the abnormal phenomenon, and the alarm signal will also be sent to the property department through the home terminal or the building management system. After receiving the police, the monitoring center and property security personnel can immediately call the police, or to the home to check the situation, in case of emergency.

Alert and event management

When the owner leaves home, the smart home system will start itself, always in the state of "preparation". Alarm event management means that when the alarm is triggered in the household, the alarm type will be displayed through the terminal control system, such as window alarm, gas alarm and even the possibility of the elderly falling to the ground alarm.

Automatic dial-up notification system

Smart security system that allows users to set up multiple emergency contact Numbers. Different types of alarms can be triggered to contact different people, and users can also set up an alarm system to send the alarm information to the phone in the way of push. This automatic remote alarm notification is very common in the home security system.

It is everyone's dream to have a comfortable and high-quality home. With the rapid development of The Times, people's concept of good living has also changed, and safe living gradually occupies the main position. Engrave rui security system is a security mode, which is centered on guard against theft, and integrates civil, material and technical defense into one. It can guarantee your safety for 24 hours.

Security, mean for personal health, for family means peace, and smart home system not only can remote control of household appliances, can also as a home security "bodyguard", it is enough to force, consider using only an alarm can be 24 hours monitoring to the situation in the home, also can use mobile phone text messaging remote control, it is incredible. If you want to experience a high-tech life, don't miss it.

The smart security system has successfully opened the door of smart home, and the security and reliability it brings have won the favor of consumers. It can be predicted that in the future security market, it will become the biggest winner, which will also promote the popularity of smart home market.