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smart locks

Aug 17, 2017

According to this month in June by the Analysys released "2017 China Intelligent Door Cloth Industry White Paper" shows that in 2015 China's smart door lock sales of 1.97 million units, and 2016 showed 105.4% of the rapid growth, market sales soared to 4.046 million set.

Smart door locks in the rapid rise of these two years, a large part of the reason is that smart door B end market has matured, such as commercial hotels, high-end real estate and other areas of intelligent door lock applications already have a considerable scale, Towards the C-side consumer market sinking stage, coupled with the smart door can access smart home application scenarios such as the selling point of advocacy, more stimulated C-end consumer users of the smart door of the favor.

White Paper also shows that the current domestic market share of less than 3% of smart locks, which means that the face of millions of C-side consumer (family), intelligent door lock in the future has a broad market prospects. The consumer-level intelligent door lock this piece of blue ocean, has also attracted the traditional lock manufacturers, emerging start-up companies, security giants and communications, home appliance manufacturers have set foot in.

Home security and remote monitoring & controlling is more and more important for people. And the market is huge there, both domestic and abroad。