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Smart Home System, Meet Users' Demands of Home Security

Jul 17, 2018

Smart Home System, Meet Users' Demands of Home Security

In recent years, with the development of smart home, home security has also become a new consumer hotspot. Family security is not only a product, but also a new way of life. As a professional manufacturer focusing on home security, HEYI issues intelligent home security system to meet users' needs of family security and intelligent security against theft.

In fact, life can not avoid the accident, what we can do is to prevent as much as possible. Generally, time is a node when special circumstances occur, and speed is more important.

Smart home system mainly through various alarm detector, network cameras, control host, card reader door controller, and other security devices provide residential intrusion alarm service of integrated system. With so many advanced technologies, is smart security really safe?

The emergency button is a quick and easy way to ask for help. When there is a fire or emergency, it can trigger the button to ask for help. In a home security system, the emergency button can be either an entity in the button can also be to replace the touch panel, the signal is sent to the emergency button home automation or building management system, the property or security center can receive alert notifications. Install the emergency button is not common in the home, but the emergency button is especially suitable for families with elderly and children to use in the home, the button should be installed in the bed, toilet, and easy to trigger.

Automatic alarm and "SOS"

Detect illegal intrusions through smart sensors installed at home. When the sensor is triggered, the alarm host will also issue an alarm siren to remind the abnormal phenomenon, and the alarm signal will also be sent to the property management department through the home terminal or the building management system. After receiving the alarm, the monitoring center and property security personnel can immediately report to the police or check the situation at home to prevent the accident.

Alert and event management

When the head of the household leaves the home, the smart home security alarm system will start by itself and be in a "readiness" state at all times. Alarm event management is that when the alarm is triggered in the household, the alarm type will be displayed through the terminal control system, such as door and window alarm, gas alarm and even the possibility of the elderly falling to the ground.

Automatic dial notification system

A smart home system that allows users to set up multiple emergency contact Numbers. Trigger different types of alarm can be associated to different people, the user can also set the alarm system will alarm information sent to mobile phones, in the form of push this automatic remote alarm notification is widespread in the home security system.

To introduce the above is the four functions of smart home system, if you also want to have such a product, then here small make up suggest you can according to your own needs to set their own application.

It is everyone's dream to have a comfortable and high-quality home. With the rapid development of The Times, people's concept of optimal living has also changed. Engrave security system is a security guarantee mode centering on anti-theft and integrating human defense, material defense and technical defense. It can guarantee your safety in 24 hours.

Security, mean for personal health, for family means peace, and smart home system not only can remote control of household appliances, can also as a home security "bodyguard", it is enough to force, consider using only an alarm can be 24 hours monitoring to the situation in the home, also can use mobile phone text messaging remote control, it is incredible. If you want to experience a high-tech life, don't miss it.

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