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simple home security system

Nov 15, 2017

                                                 Simple Home Security System

         At present, the anti-theft measures of ordinary families are mainly civil defense and physical defense (such as security doors, iron guardrails, etc.), and it is recommended that technical precautions should be adopted to achieve a more secure and intelligent effect.

        It is recommended to install infrared anti-theft alarm device, electromagnetic code lock, electronic network alarm system. 

        Infrared anti-theft alarm device, the alarm device are in a state of work, can launch infrared light invisible to the naked eye, as long as people enter the electric range, alarm noise from the device immediately, if there is a thief enter, residents can immediately found that the thief but they don't know, tend to give in easily.

       Electromagnetic password door lock: install this lock, must press the password when opening the lock, otherwise cannot unlock;If the lock is open, the alarm will sound.This will disturb the indoor people or neighbors, one can scare away thieves, and two can catch the thief.

       Actively cooperate and actively participate in the urban neighborhood alarm networking system.

Users to install the alarm device, in case of dangerous situation, such as burglary, the alarm will automatically send alarm through the preset protection zones, police station immediately called device automatically shows the user the exact address, can be quickly police to the scene, police arrested suspect.

       Our W20 WIFI/GPRS/GSM alarm system is very suitable for your simple home security system. Easy for everyone to operate. Totally DIY as you want.

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