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Shop Burglar Alarm to Eliminate Security Risks, to Build a Safe Shopping Mall

Jun 29, 2018

Shop Burglar Alarm to Eliminate Security Risks 

to Build a Safe Shopping Mall

Nowadays, large shopping malls, supermarkets and chain stores have become the main places for city people to consume. In the daily management of the large supermarket, shopping mall, we need to avoid goods are bad customers away, to avoid the sabotage of others, avoid customer in crowds when too many accidents, ensure the safety of the warehouse goods or staff management. Therefore, effective security system is the essential element for a shopping mall, mainly includes the market monitoring system, anti-theft alarm system, etc, to solve the problem of security, management of operating.

According to the Beijing evening news on January 12, 2018, goods stolen from supermarkets nationwide in 2017 totaled 80 billion yuan. Unfortunately, that number is still growing rapidly. It seriously damages the interests of the merchants, causing the profits of the merchants to be lost in vain, even leading to the closure of the stores. Therefore, how to prevent product theft has become an urgent problem for many businesses. Mall security alarm, it is a high-tech electronic security equipment. It uses high-tech means to endow the commodity with a kind of self-defence ability, can protect the commodity effectively, prevent goods theft.

On April 15, have some tight zhang slipped into a mall, xinhua street, want to get on, but around all day, found in the business world is full of cameras, then a brainwave, come up with a trick!

First step on good point, plan the route, and then take advantage of all people not prepared, zhang sneaked into the second floor of the shopping mall men's toilet to hide up. Although the smell is a bit blunt, but for the theft plan at night, zhang kept it in the toilet for four hours, until 23 PM when the mall was closed.

When zhang came out of the toilet in a daze, the mall was completely dark. He was calm and listened to the movement with his ears up. He crept to the ground floor. However, he did not expect the store to install infrared alarms in every aisle. This alarm is specially designed to work at night. It can't be seen by the naked eye.

Before long, October Day is approaching, all kinds of preferential sales promotion activities carried out by major shopping malls are bound to attract many customers to shopping. Double passenger flow, crowd "bundling" shopping phenomenon easily lead to safety accidents. Therefore, during the festival, the security work of shopping malls is particularly important. It is very necessary to create a safe shopping environment for customers by combining "human defense" and "technical defense".

In order to solve the security hidden danger of the vast stores, each store has installed a commercial city burglar alarm, once there are illegal elements enter, immediately alarm ring, the timid thieves will escape. Don't worry if you encounter a bold burglar. The owner of the alarm will immediately send a message to the preset mobile phone number.

Whether in shops, warehouses or supermarkets, infrared intrusion and magnetic-sensing doors and Windows can add another barrier to security. Infrared intrusion detector can effectively detect equipment within the scope of the surrounding conditions, when someone illegally near the detection range, infrared intrusion immediately push alarm information to cell phones, as well as linkage acousto-optic alarm sound an alarm, to remind the stranger to counsel, user can know shops in condition.

HEYI root security alarm industry for many years, is dedicated to each big shops provide security and stability of the burglar alarm and mature system of solution, regularly collect user feedback, improve product performance. In addition, we can take the initiative to provide technical services to users and solve their problems timely.

Large supermarket traffic, goods more concentrated, the customers can buy goods to more suitable for his needs, has brought a lot of convenience to people's life, but also let criminals have an opportunity at the same time, they tend to commit crime as an important place. Therefore, effective security means is necessary, and the choice of high - quality store burglar alarm is the most basic principle. As a well-known security enterprise in China, night Wolf security has been committed to providing security for the majority of users and building a safe city.