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Selection of wireless remote monitoring camera

Dec 12, 2019

Selection of wireless remote monitoring camera

There are two types of wireless remote monitoring cameras in the market, one is WiFi camera, the other is 3G wireless camera. The two kinds of cameras have distinctive features. WiFi wireless network cameras are cheap and mature in technology. No wiring is required during installation. The number of installed and Sanga cameras is convenient and the cost of Internet access is low. The disadvantage is that when WiFi wireless network camera is installed, it can be used normally only after some simple network configuration is made according to the instructions. At the same time, the distance between the network camera and the wireless router is generally within the range of 30-100 meters. If it is beyond this range, it needs to use a special antenna or install the wireless router nearby. At the same time, in the places where the wireless router is used intensively, it needs to set No The work section of the line router. The 3G network camera is of 1U - sujma, WCDMA and CDMA2000. It is necessary to insert the corresponding mobile phone card into the camera. The advantages of using 3G network camera: easy to use, no need for any configuration; no need for wiring, no need for users to set up a heat meter, no network, built-in lithium battery, as long as there is a mobile phone network can be used. However, the price is expensive and the cost of later use is high.

Considering the maturity of WiFi wireless remote camera technology, low price and low cost of later use, this paper chooses WiFi wireless camera as the system component. The WiFi Day Wireless camera is equipped with CPU and web operating system. Through web browser, you can use remote access to view the real-time picture of the webcam, and allow the administrator to manage and control the webcam at any time and any place. There are multiple applications that can realize image monitoring, image recording and capturing functions of images including up to 32 cameras. The following factors need to be taken into consideration when choosing WiFi camera.

The first is the size and weight of the equipment. Light and small equipment is easy to install and conceal, which is the best choice for safety monitoring. When installing the equipment, it can be fixed on the ceiling, partition wall or household appliances with screws without using tools. The medium-sized camera with base or bracket is cheap, but the installation must use electric hammer or electric drill, and use expansion bolt to fix on the wall, which is not convenient for concealment, and the installation is complex, so it is not recommended to use. The second is the choice of night vision function, which needs infrared auxiliary light source. The price is a little more expensive, but it is the best for anti-theft detection.

Third, the choice of brand. The best choice for home security wireless camera is the product launched by the network manufacturer. Although the monitoring effect is not as good as that of the professional image manufacturer, it is easy to use, simple to configure and easy to access through the Internet.

Finally, the requirement of image clarity, the resolution of high-definition network camera is 640x480, which can basically meet the needs of daily monitoring, and the price is low, which is the mainstream of the market. The 720p or 1080p HD camera has good monitoring effect and clear image, but the price is more than twice that of the SD camera, and the requirements for router and network bandwidth are higher, so it has not been popularized.