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Security Trends 2019

Nov 20, 2018

Security Trends 2019

If to use a keyword to describe the security industry in 2018, it must be "race for minutes and seconds".

The security industry is more competitive in 2018 than at any time we can think of, especially after the A.I. Hu caixia said, "people are talking about smart home in 2016, but the topic of smart home seems to have been put on hold since last year when artificial intelligence technology emerged at the shenzhen anbo conference. No one could have imagined that artificial intelligence technology had revolutionized the entire industry in just a year. With technology flat, manufacturers can only take advantage in time. 

Hu caixia agrees with the industry's general view that ai technology is a trend in the next few years, but she also believes that ai technology will be integrated into all industries. Artificial intelligence technology is not only used to solve the security problem of life, but also can facilitate People's Daily life. Conversely, artificial intelligence, like all technologies, exists to satisfy human inertia. But as ai technology becomes more intelligent, it will create a huge temptation for humanity itself, and businesses will embrace it while avoiding its deterioration.

Moreover, the current security industry is in the stage of steady growth, and new technologies have provided more enterprises with new development opportunities. As for the alarm industry and even the security industry, BAI company started to enter the security industry with the team of AI company. They hold a large amount of data resources and combine these big data resources with technologies, which not only impacts the traditional security enterprises, but also brings new breakthrough space to the security industry.

Artificial intelligence does bring huge allure to the security industry, which hu doesn't deny. But she also believes that the emergence of new technologies such as artificial intelligence will not have a huge impact on user demand, and that everything in the future is unpredictable and no one can predict what the next explosion in the security industry will be.