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Security Tips

Jul 24, 2018

Security Tips

Function and working mode of anti-theft alarm host

The mainframe is the core of the system. It is used to receive the alarm signal from the detector and give timely feedback. When the host machine receives the alarm signal, it will generate a high-decibel alarm sound. At the same time, it will use the telecommunication network to dial out multiple sets of alarm calls set by the host.

Passive infrared detector

Passive infrared detectors rely on the infrared energy emitted by the body during passive absorption of heat energy by animals. Also known as heat release infrared detectors, the detectors themselves do not emit infrared light

What is the detection range?

Detection range refers to the induction range of normal operation of the detector, that is, the detector can detect all objects moving within this range and thus generate alarm state.

What is detection distance?

The maximum distance a detector can detect under normal operation.

What is the transmitting distance?

The furthest distance in an alarm system where a wireless device fires a wireless alarm signal in the form of electromagnetic waves.

What is inductive sensitivity?

It refers to the detection distance and reaction speed of the detector when it is triggered for alarm. With high sensitivity, it can be detected at a long distance from the detector. With low sensitivity, it can only be detected at a relatively close range.

Active infrared antitheft detector

Active emission of infrared rays from the transmitter, receiving infrared rays from the receiver, forming a network of infrared rays. This kind of detector can actively prevent the intrusion, so as to avoid the false alarm situation caused by the crossing of small pets or the influence of climate, so as to minimize the false alarm rate.

What is wired and wireless?

According to the alarm signal transmission mode: linear and non - linear. That is, after the detector detects the illegal intruder, it transmits the alarm signal to the alarm host in two ways. The non-linear detector transmits the alarm signal by sending a certain frequency of electromagnetic waves. The linear detector is divided into switch signal output and level signal output.

The difference between wired security and wireless security?

Advantage: because it is special line, so the alarm signal transmission is relatively stable, not easy to be disturbed by external factors.

Disadvantages: it affects the appearance, the construction work is heavy, the operation is complex, the maintenance is inconvenient, must special person maintains.

Advantages and disadvantages of wireless burglar alarm products

Advantage: won't destroy the overall beauty of the prevention area, simple installation, easy operation, the elderly, children will learn.

Disadvantages: the alarm signal will be interfered by external factors, leading to the attenuation of the transmission distance of the alarm signal

What is a door magnet detector? How does it work?

The door magnetic detector is used to sense doors and Windows opening and closing. Usually there are wooden door magnetic, window magnetic, shutter door magnetic, iron door magnetic. The principle is to use magnet to control the opening and closing of the magnetron. When the two are close together, the magnetron will be closed. When the two are separated, the magnetron will be disconnected.

What smoke detector? How does it work?

Smoke detectors are used in home, office and commercial areas. Early occurrence of fire smoke on the site promptly alarm, prevention in advance. It is usually divided into ionic smoke and photoelectric smoke. The principle of ionic smog is to use the principle that the voltage between electrodes changes when there are smoke particles between them.

What is a gas detector? How does it work?

It is mainly installed in the kitchen to effectively prevent gas leakage from endangering the life of the owner. The sensor at the front of it detects that the temperature of gas will change when the gas changes, and the process of the change will be triggered by a control signal triggered by the processing circuit.

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