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Security System for Factory

Nov 07, 2018

Security System for Factory

At present, with the development of economy and the construction of new plants, people pay more and more attention to the safety of equipment in factories, and take many measures to protect the safety of factories. The previous practice is to install security nets, but there are also obstacles to the beauty, criminals easy to find hiding, can not effectively prevent the invasion of bad guys and other shortcomings. Now, factories in all parts of the country are rapidly carrying out intelligent anti-theft activities in the construction of modernization, which puts forward higher requirements on the factory alarm and monitoring system.

1. A wireless infrared sensor is installed on the surrounding wall of the factory. It uses the invisible infrared ray to form a protective net among each other, with high safety and high.

2. An ultra-loud siren is installed on each side of the factory around the center, and four sirens are installed on the four sides of the factory. No matter which side is invaded, the alarm is immediately given to the side, making a loud sound. The thieves are very guilty, when hearing such a loud siren will be scared to run away.

3. The alarm host shall be managed by a special person, and the alarm host will display the alarm defense area, which means that the location is invaded, so the alarm center must be manned. So that the situation can be dealt with quickly.

Theft often occurs. How to effectively prevent theft has always been a concern of people, especially some old factories, often become the focus of attention of thieves. Anti-theft door and anti-theft window have been unable to stop their behavior. And the use of the factory alarm equipment is also an inevitable trend to effectively protect the safety of the factory.

On September 11, Ma Tian police station of shenzhen bright branch received an alarm from the person in charge of a factory under the jurisdiction that nearly 300 core modules of vehicle-mounted navigation were stolen from the factory, resulting in an economic loss of about 120,000 yuan. Upon receiving the report, the police immediately went to the field to investigate. Through analysis, it was concluded that a temporary worker who had worked in the factory for three days attracted the police's attention. After further investigation, the police targeted the man's location. On the night of March 24, the suspect was captured in the nanshan district. After interrogation, huang mou to its suspected theft of criminal facts confessed.

It turned out that huang entered the factory in mid-december and resigned after understanding the rules of commuting and the status of warehouse management. On the night of January 11, nearly a month after leaving the company, huang sneaked back to the factory warehouse and stole nearly 300 electronic modules.

Huang said that from February 2018 till now, he has been stealing electronic products from three factories in longhua, guangming and baoan. Before each crime, he would enter the factory as a temporary worker to work, and after understanding the situation of the factory to leave, after a month or so, back to the factory crime. After the theft, huang sold the electronic components at a low price through WeChat.

Alarm, as a modern powerful auxiliary means, it will live in the field of danger signals to the control center and sub control room, the management personnel on duty in the case of not on the ground can be objectively to centralized monitoring of the monitoring area, found that is unified, save a lot of patrol, can avoid many of the human factors. In view of a management model, the alarm system is the most responsible. With a good environment and all-round security, good social and economic benefits can be created.

The network alarm system is designed to send an alarm signal to the alarm center immediately through the network when a person intrudes into the protective zone where each protective zone is under the state of fortification. The alarm information can be displayed in the alarm center, and the personnel on duty can quickly identify which defense area is triggering the alarm, or the alarm image function can be connected with the video monitoring system. In case of alarm, the alarm host can be transmitted to the alarm command center by voice (or short message) via telephone line (or GSM, CID, etc.) in the first time, and a sub-control center can be set up in the security department.

To further adapt to the high standards of social and economic development and the civilized life of the people, we must create a safe, comfortable and warm environment. Based on the actual situation of the factory, and according to the requirements of various factory areas, we developed all kinds of alarms for the safety of the factory.