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security innovations and smart

Aug 18, 2017

When the next in an intelligent, all things will achieve interoperability of the big times, people's lives will gradually be intelligent, many companies are many products are more or less and intelligent side. As the United States and the wisdom of home R & D director Fu new in the Infineon home appliance eco-circle group said: "There is a phenomenon that is not the product and the wisdom of the side, as if a bit embarrassed like" Therefore, this is the era of intelligence Of the trend, only homeopathy, in order to "shopping malls such as the battlefield" competition victory

The current changes in China's home appliances and trends,

1, demand changes: large household appliances replacement needs accounted for 7 percent, the demand side of qualitative change;

2, changes in driving factors: consumer upgrades and business transformation, two-wheel drive industry development;

3, the layout changes: go out + overseas mergers and acquisitions to achieve global asset allocation and international brand layout;

4, kitchen electric, dishwashers, health products become the new engine industry, the growth of the new engine;

5, the domestic trend: the overall appliance market huge capacity - close to 774.2 billion yuan, and is still in the expansion;

6, overseas trends: by the way + exchange rate depreciation, the overall situation is stronger than in previous years, while raw material prices to promote overseas orders ahead.

At the same time, through the trend of spying on opportunities, both go out + overseas mergers and acquisitions; there are consumer upgrades + business transformation. Four-wheel drive, home appliance industry will usher in the global supply chain resource integration. Finally, He Jinming also added: "The next 3 to 5 years, China 's home appliance industry will emerge in a number of segments of the global competitiveness of the supply chain unicorn enterprises, which must be pay more attention to home appliances security innovation ans smart. Smart home is the new fanshion.