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Security industry introduction

Apr 14, 2017

Industry Overview

In the early 1980s, security industry in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other economically developed cities and regions quietly rise.Especially in Shenzhen the forefront of reform and opening up city, relying on the local advanced electronic technology advantages and unique geographical location, and gradually develop Become an important base of the national security industry.

China's security industry has been basically formed, and has the considerable scale. Into the 21st century, security industry has further development, intelligent building, intelligent community construction suddenly spring up. The emergence of a large number of digital network products, have greatly promoted the anti-product market to flourish. China is developing into the world's largest security products market without disputably. The "world factory" gradually formed so that China's security industry has become a new growth point of the national economy and a very important force for China's economic construction .


Into the 21st century, with the continuous progress of science and technology, security industry continues to expand. Alarm operations, intermediaries, information and other professional services have appeared. Also a number of modern security products manufacturing base begin to form. Which marked the advantages of China's security products manufacturing is taking shape, and also indicates the development of China's security industry is entering a new stage . The "global security products manufacturing center" has taken a more solid step.

With the security industry intensifying competition, the domestic excellent security product enterprises pay more attention to the industry market research, especially for enterprise development environment and customer demand trends in-depth study. Because of this, a large number of domestic excellent security brand rapidly rise, and gradually become the leader in the security industry!