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Security for Schools

Dec 21, 2018

Security for Schools

School is the holy land of education and the cradle of talent cultivation. In order to ensure the smooth progress of teaching and scientific research activities, maintain the safety of the lives and property of teachers, students and staff, promote the healthy and steady development of all undertakings, around the construction of a safe and civilized campus, we must strengthen security precautions. The school is also a very mobile place, it is impossible to separate the school from some objectively existing explicit and implicit dangers in the society. Therefore, to strengthen the prevention of invasion, theft, damage, fire, riot and security inspection, the establishment of a telephone burglar alarm based security system, the social flow of miscellaneous personnel and those who intend to deviant elements with a strong deterrent and shock effect, is an effective means of prevention.

Therefore, the school anti-theft alarm should pay attention to the following points:

Practicality and advancement

Adopt advanced and mature technology, meet the current campus office needs, take into account other related management needs, as far as possible to use advanced telephone burglar alarm technology to meet the needs of higher multimedia information dissemination, so that the whole system in a period of time to maintain the advanced technology. In order to adapt to the future electronic development and needs.

Reliability and Security

In order to guarantee the normal business applications, phone anti-theft alarm system must have high reliability, security, try to avoid single point of failure in the system, to guard against theft alarm system, anti-theft alarm host, anti-theft alarm sensor high reliability on the aspects such as design and construction, and improve the safety of the infrared anti-theft alarm network system reliability.


Due to the complexity of the anti-theft point in the campus building, it is required that the telephone anti-theft alarm system equipment has a good manageability, and equipped with advanced anti-theft alarm host in order to effectively manage and maintain the whole anti-theft alarm system.

Flexibility and Scalability

School telephone burglar alarm system is a system of constant development, so it must have good flexibility and extensibility, able to campus informatization, anti-theft alarm the needs of the development of deepening and the expansion of the convenient telephone burglar alarm system alarm coverage, expand anti-theft alarm capacity and improve the telephone burglar alarm system at all levels of the function of the node, improve the flexibility of technology upgrading, equipment update.

It is understood that for the district's primary and secondary school campus installed telephone burglar alarm, tiexian district has invested nearly 150,000 yuan. These phone burglar alarms are installed through the service platform set up by the enterprise, and the nearby area police stations to achieve telephone network connection. The alarm signal sent by the telephone burglar alarm will be quickly transmitted to the police station's police alarm phone through the service platform, and then the police station will quickly send the police to the school to solve the problem.

To study of the teachers and students have a peaceful living environment, at the same time the timely warning dealt with promptly, the fast know, afterwards, the major security platform vendors, all can use legendary weapons of China combined with the latest technology, the best products, intelligent building more integrated management platform, is the escort flat on campus.

Telephone burglar alarm is easy to use, when encountered or found in the campus robbery, robbery, fighting, car accident, illegal infringement, damage to public property, fire alarm and other cases or accidents, the alarm host immediately show the case address, time related information, quickly brief description of the police situation. The person in charge of safeguard office points out, have police to must report, whole school teachers and students are reporting their person property safety to be threatened besides the circumstance, to discover all sorts of alarm circumstance also should pass alarm report to defend a branch in time, create safe campus. In the school to increase the construction of safe campus, let us security for the majority of teachers and students to hold up a safe sky.