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security camera online storage

Aug 26, 2017




   A lot of people asked to monitor the hard drive so what is good for security camera online storage, do we use ordinary PC hard drive installed to the hard disk video recorder? On this issue, in fact, is not okay, but the stability of the reliability of the comprehensive review of the problem. This is what we say, we generally use a hammer nail, and occasionally no hammer or emergency with the pliers can also hit a nail. But the effect may not be the same.

     As to this topic, we from the embedded hard disk video recorder (referred to as DVR) failure rate to say. After incomplete statistics: about 60% of the hard disk video recorder from the hard disk to read and write the fault, and each hard drive problems, we have to work on-site service, it is clear that the service will bring service costs increase, the original really easy to earn that Point profits, have changed hands to the Ministry of Transportation welfare. At the same time the project is also a brand image loss.

From two aspects:

     First: the project business, when you install the hard disk problems less, your profits will increase, your service costs are reduced, you do the project more to allow customers to be assured. Project operators no longer have to worry about the hard disk problems and often on-site service, so that service costs soared, and even lead to the loss of the entire project.

     Second: the end user, if the hard disk failure less, then the risk of data loss is reduced, the system more secure, so that the monitoring system really play its due role.

      The monitor dedicated hard drive. They provide a highly reliable, customizable mass storage product for security, defense industry monitoring system users or special users (Internet cafes, KTV) that require continuous operation, enabling users to more easily manage their own surveillance video, TV programs, videos, photos and documents.

     Although the performance of these special hard drive hard drive with ordinary PC no difference, but in the function and parameters to monitor the dedicated hard drive is more suitable for professional purposes