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Security Alarms Enter Schools to Effectively Protect Teachers and Students

Jun 25, 2018

Security Alarms Enter Schools 

to Effectively Protect Teachers and Students

Since the beginning of this year, the construction of campus security technology has given rise to an upsurge. Government support and security projects needed by schools are certainly a matter of course. The construction of campus security technology centers on the establishment of campus security alarms. The establishment of a system can be said to enable campus security to prevent emergency counter-terrorism progress a major step, truly realized, with fast response, rapid alarm, quick police performance.

With the rapid development of science and technology, there have been more and more crimes committed by criminals using various high-tech means. The traditional security technology has faced enormous challenges. Although the traditional networked alarm system built in the early days of the Security Operations Center has improved the effectiveness of responding to various types of emergencies to a certain extent, it has also enhanced the social security protection capabilities. However, it is not difficult to find that this single networked alarm system still has obvious deficiencies and it is difficult to achieve high-efficiency and high-reliability real-time security.

With the development of the city, the large-scale construction of the school, coupled with the relatively high mobility of the population and the dense population, coupled with the insecurity incidents that have occurred on campus in recent years, has deepened the attention of teachers and parents to campus security. . In addition, current children are only children and are treasures of their parents at home. Their safety is more important than their parents' lives.

On April 25, 2018, the reporter learned from the Comprehensive Management Office of Tiexi District that up to now, 35 of the 70 primary and secondary schools in Tiexi District have installed campus security alarms. By the end of this year, all the primary and secondary schools in the district will install this high-tech automatic alarm system and network with the Tiexi police alarm system.

The 15th Middle School in Shenyang was the first school to install campus security alarms. On March 25, the reporter saw the automatic alarm system on the wall of the school's mail room. Although it has only one button and a palm-sized keypad, it is directly connected to the vast network of the Tiexi District public security system. Once the campus is subjected to external nuisances that affect the order of teaching and the safety of teachers and students, they can quickly press the alarm and send out a rescue signal to the nearby police station.

Under the eaves on the outside of the receiving and dispatching room, a black trumpet-shaped speaker hung high. Director Zhang of the school’s moral education department told reporters that this speaker was also part of the automatic alarm system. When the indoor small button is pressed, a nearby police station will receive an alarm signal. At the same time, the transceiver outside the room will also emit a sharp siren. Compared with the 110 alarm phone, the automatic alarm device transmits the alarm signal through the telephone network. There is no busy problem, and the alarm speed is faster than 110.

It is understood that for the installation of automatic alarm devices in the district's primary and secondary schools, Tiexi District has invested nearly 150,000 yuan. These campus security alarms are installed on the service platform set up by the enterprise and are connected to the police stations in the nearby jurisdictions. The alarm signal issued by the campus alarm system will quickly pass through the service platform and be transmitted to the police station's public security alarm telephone. The police station then dispatches the police force to the school to solve the problem.

In order to give teachers and students a peaceful and harmonious learning working and living environment, at the same time play a timely warning in advance, the incident is quickly known, quickly after the role of the treatment, the major security platform vendors do their best to make the 18 martial arts combined with the latest technology , The best product, to create a more intelligent integrated management platform, escort for the flat campus.

Campus security alarms are easy to use. When encountering or discovering robbery, snatching, fighting, accidents, illegal infringement, damage to public property, fire, or other accidents or accidents on campus, the alarm host will immediately display case address and time related information and quickly and briefly describe the police. Love can be. The person in charge of the security department pointed out that the police must report that the teachers and students of the school are reporting threats to the safety of their personal and property. In addition, all kinds of warnings discovered should also be reported to the security department through alarms to create a safe campus. With the construction of a safe campus in the school, we have ensured that the security personnel can hold up a safe sky for the teachers and students.