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Security Alarm System Near Me

Dec 25, 2018

Security Alarm System Near me

Nowadays it is the golden age of science and technology and the high-speed economic development, and much attention has been paid to the social security of s, more and more expect to be able to in a way, the owner every time out to work, travel, travel, always the heart home property safety, whether the old man fell down, such as anxiety, and wireless curtain alarm just meet the residents' demand for home security.

On May 7, 2018, the economic and technological development zone branch of deyang municipal public security bureau received a golden flag sent by citizens of deyang. Originally, generation lady when traveling outside, encounter burglaries in the home however, loss property amounts to 1.26 million yuan. After careful investigation, the police successfully locked down the suspect and captured him within three days. At present, the case is being further handled.

The family lost millions when they returned from their travels

At around 8:20 p.m. on April 30, the police on duty at lushan road police station of deyang municipal public security bureau economic and technological development zone branch received a call from a woman. Police on duty rushed to the scene, after the scene preliminary understanding, the victim's home suffered theft, loss of cash, all kinds of valuable jewelry, digital products and other total value of more than 1.2 million.

According to the scene investigation of the area where the crime occurred, it was found that the criminal suspect was quite skilled in the modus operandi, familiar with the terrain, and probably committed the crime by someone with a criminal record. In the past has broken into the house of burglary of the former officers of one by one analysis found that the central river nationality of Zeng some major crime suspects. And Zeng also has the criminal record that burglaries into a room for many times. However, at this time, Zeng disappeared without trace.

He tracked down the suspect's girlfriend and captured her

The sudden disappearance of Zeng make police temporarily lose the clues. Police decided to once again check the information has been learned, found that there was a girlfriend Ms Xiao, and the woman in deyang work. "Can Zeng be in his girlfriend's place?" Police decided to handle the case from Xiao set out to find the whereabouts of zeng. After a search, May 3 at noon, Xiao appeared in a downtown hotpot restaurant and friends to have lunch together.

In order to be on the safe side, the police did not rush forward but the deployment of control. At 3:30 p.m., Zeng appeared outside the community, and outside the community squat guard plainclothes police accosted, asked the police in front of the bucket of water do not sell? This undoubtedly brought a little relief to the police's nervous mood.

At the scene of the arrest, police found the stolen iphone X and a small amount of jewelry, and the stolen iphone 6S on his girlfriend. In the face of the police interrogation and recovery of stolen goods, zeng confessed that in the early morning of April 30, through the window into the implementation of theft. Later on the Internet, one of the online prices of a table from more than 100, 000 to hundreds of thousands. Because this watch is too expensive to sell stolen goods, so has been hidden in my hometown.

It is an accepted fact that burglaries are difficult to break. Perpetrators generally belong to the vagabonding crime, less clues, the police are difficult to check; The limited number of cameras in residential areas, not every household can be monitored, proof is difficult; For the sake of caution, strengthen the safety of the home, install wireless curtain alarm, realize the intelligent family security, is also the trend of the trend.

Wireless curtain alarm 806CR, due to the characteristics of low price and stable technical performance, wireless curtain alarm has been widely used in the field of intelligent home. Wireless curtain detector is a passive infrared detector, generally installed in the window or the top, when someone enters the probe; When measuring the area, the detector will automatically detect the human activities in the area. If dynamic movement is found, the wireless curtain detector will send an alarm signal to the control host.

Wireless curtain alarm 806CR, no matter in the installation, prevent false alarm, appearance fashion, function expansion and practical aspects, are very outstanding, believe to be able to solve the civil alarm over the years of stubborn disease, to drive the whole smart home market play technical efficiency.