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Security Alarm System Features Today’s Consumers are Craving

Dec 16, 2019

Security Alarm System Features Today’s Consumers are Craving

In this day and age, there are many security companies and alarm system providers for homeowners to choose from when they’re searching for a new home security or monitoring system.

Besides the more traditional alarm companies, there are also dozens of DIY home security systems to choose from as well, making the market even more competitive for alarm businesses looking to gain new customers.

Wondering what you need to continue attracting today’s consumers? We share some insight on what current alarm system customers are looking for and what you should plan to offer if you want them to bring their business to you instead of your competitors.

Key Alarm System Features & Offerings for Today’s Consumers

In the past decade, the alarm industry has changed drastically. As a result, many traditional security alarm businesses are struggling to keep pace with the new expectations of the customers they’re serving.

Hoping to keep up with the times and set your business apart in the eyes of today’s consumers? Here are a few of the key features and offerings you’ll need to provide.

Customer Service

When we say you’ll need to provide customer service, we don’t mean just any old customer service. We mean attentive and easily accessible service to your customers. That means addressing concerns and issues promptly, and going above and beyond for your customers on a regular basis.

Customers want to know that they can trust and rely on you – especially since they’ve selected you to provide a service intended to keep their family and property safe. To build that rapport with your customers and set your alarm company apart, you need to provide service that’s second to none.

DIY Installation Options

While some consumers are still interested in traditional alarm systems, a growing number of customers are looking for features and components they can install themselves. The DIY home security sector of the market has continued to expand significantly over the past few years, so it’s become clear that consumers’ cravings for DIY alarm system components aren’t going away.

Want to remain viable and appealing to consumers? Because the market has been trending towards do it yourself alarm systems, with many consumers shying away from the more traditional style alarm systems and installation processes, it may be worth integrating DIY options into your business model.

Wondering if this is a logical next step for your alarm company? Read more about adopting DIY features and offerings here.

Remote Monitoring

Consumers want access to information about the security of their homes to be accessible when they are away from home. This means they want remote monitoring.

From changing system settings to viewing entryways and camera feeds, today’s consumers want to be able to keep an eye on things going on at home while they’re out and about. This type of feature is available from many alarm system providers, including DIY security systems, so it’s something you’ll want to have on your radar if you’re looking to upgrade to keep pace with consumer expectations.

Internet of Things Integration

The Internet of Things has truly taken hold, and it looks like its influence won’t be going away within the security alarm industry any time soon. As a result, an increasing number of customers have come to expect more automation and features that enable them to link various home systems via the Internet.

Today’s customers want their security systems to be integrated with other smart home features like lights, locks, thermostats, and more so a variety of things can be monitored and adjusted via phones and tablets with ease.

Wondering if it’s worth it to integrate with the Internet of Things? Find out how both your company and your customers stand to benefit from security alarm company offerings that incorporate smart home security features.


While consumers want your company to provide them with a sense of security via an alarm system, they also want to know that their information and data is secure with you. They want to trust you as a provider and know that you have their best interests in mind.

As hacking and security breaches involving company data continue to plague the industry, it’s important to show consumers that they can rely on you to keep their families and their private information safe.