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Safety precautions for the elderly at home

Feb 12, 2020

Safety precautions for the elderly at home

The body of the elderly is not so strong, and their legs and feet are not so flexible. Getting up, sitting down and bending down may be dangerous actions. The risk of bumping, bumping or falling must be prevented

Safety precautions for the elderly at home

1. The elderly spend most of their time at home. They need to have a good neighborhood relationship. They need to be familiar with each other's family members. Their relatives who come and go often should be clear. When they encounter suspicious people or strangers wandering around, watching, observing and knocking at the door, they must be more careful. If necessary, they need to call the "110" police.

2. The elderly generally live on the first floor of a small courtyard. The doors and windows must be firm. There should be no climbing and climbing things outside the wall, such as trees, brick walls, etc. anti-theft iron doors and iron fences must be installed. The front door should have "observation holes"; those installed with bullet locks should be unlocked when going out and sleeping. For door chains and padlocks, the thick door chains and safety locks that are not easy to be broken by large calipers shall be used. And to form a good habit of closing the door, windows and cupboards, children should often remind in person or on the phone.

3. Do not store a large amount of cash in the elderly's home. Cash, jewelry, passbooks and other valuables should be placed in a place that should not be found by outsiders. Due to the poor memory, most old people often record the account number, password and amount of money on the deposit certificate and passbook in the diary or other secret books. The deposit certificate and passbook should not be put together with the book, ID card and account book.

4. When someone calls to ask if there is someone else in your home, you can signal that someone you don't need is at home. For those who do not know the details, we will resolutely let them stay at home as guests. For the personnel whose identity cannot be confirmed, such as door-to-door maintenance, delivery, gift delivery, etc., their identity shall be ascertained, and they shall be received after their children return home as much as possible.

5. Don't put up clothes near public roads, flower beds, or walls, so as not to let others take care of themselves.

6. There are two ways to prevent the wallet in the pocket from being stolen when the elderly go out for a ride or shopping: one is to put the wallet into the side pocket of the pants, just hold the side pocket of the pants and twist the half circle with the wallet, so the thief can't reach the wallet even if he has reached for it. Second, put some sweets, paper towels and other items on the wallet which is put into the coat pocket, so as to increase the number of thieves