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Requirements for indoor intrusion alarm system

Dec 04, 2019

Requirements for indoor intrusion alarm system

1. The intrusion alarm system shall be composed of intrusion detector, transmission system and blanking equipment, and shall be attached with audio-visual (or one of them) review device.

2. The intrusion alarm system shall have the alarm function of theft and robbery, and shall have the communication function for commanding and mobilizing the police force. Its prevention ability shall be consistent with the requirements of the design specification.

3. Design of intrusion alarm system. It is necessary to design the situation of the contact police force according to the current relevant regulations of the state.

4. The design of intrusion alarm system should be based on the field investigation.

5. The selection of equipment and line laying mode shall meet the prevention requirements, meet the use environment conditions, and parallel appropriate performance price ratio.

6. The selected equipment and apparatus must be the products that meet the relevant national technical standards and safety standards and pass the inspection of the national designated testing center; the imported equipment and apparatus shall at least have the commodity inspection certificate.

7. Considering the possibility of further development of the system, the system design should be conducive to the expansion of the system scale and the introduction of new technologies.

8. The system shall be easy to install, configure and use.

9. The white body security and confidentiality of the system shall be strong.