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Purchase of gas alarm

Dec 04, 2019

Purchase of gas alarm

The key performance of combustible gas alarm in home use is not only high sensitivity to detected gas, but also high stability and anti-interference. Because the sensors used in the alarm have different degrees of "drift" tendency. Therefore, it is not easy to manufacture high-performance and high-quality gas alarm. Pay attention to the following points when choosing to purchase gas alarm:

1. Gas type

According to the type of gas to be used, gas alarms are generally not general-purpose. Natural gas alarms should be used in natural gas occasions, artificial gas alarms should be used in artificial gas occasions, and liquefied petroleum gas fields should be combined with liquefied petroleum gas alarms or general combustible gas detection alarms calibrated with liquefied petroleum gas Use gas alarms calibrated and tested with local gas composition).

2. stability

The products of enterprises with good market reputation should be selected for purchase of gas alarm. Before purchase, it is better to conduct a survey, because on the one hand, the alarm products are mixed in the market, and users do not know this product very well; on the other hand, the alarm is a long-term use product, without gas leakage, it can not see the expected performance and quality, so the long-term stability requirements are very high.

3. Service life

When using the gas alarm / combustible gas detector, the long-term stability and service life of the alarm shall be paid attention to. The alarm, especially its sensor, shall have a service life. When purchasing, the seller and the manufacturer shall be informed.